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About Us

The Federation of Transparochial Charismatic Communities, or the FTCC unites various charismatic communities through its common vision and purpose: 


Spirit-filled communities moving together as the body of Christ in mission.

FTCC Board of Trustees 2021-2023


Bro. Mars Catan

Elim Communities


Bro. Jing Mendoza

Loved Flock


Bro. Ernie Bordeos

St. Peter Community


Sis. Adel Ferrer

Pax Christie


Sis. Mila Isaac

Beloved of the Lord


Bro. George Villaruz

Buklod Ng Pag-ibigg


Bro. Marvin Tan

Light of Jesus


Bro. Cadio Tamayo

Spirit of Love Covenanted

Bro. Paul Fernandez

Divine Mercy of Jesus with Mary

History of the FTCC

In a letter dated August 18, 1988, his Excellency, Most Rev. Teodoro C. Bacani, Jr. D.D., Auxillary Bishop of Manila, in his capacity as Spiritual Director of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Archdiocese of Manila instructed Bro. Willy Nakar, Presiding Elder of Elim Community to gather all the covenant communities based in the Archdiocese of Manila for the purpose of organizing them into a kind of “district” so that they may be clearly represented and counted among people involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.


In compliance with the said instructions, Bro. Willy Nakar scheduled, and invited certain leaders of charismatic communities to, a first meeting on September 2, 1988 at he Sampaguita Room, Hyatt Hotel, Pasay City, at 7:00 p.m.


A total of twenty-three (23) leaders representing eleven (11) active communities responded to the invitation to come together in a spirit of unity and brotherhood. Actually, of the eleven communities contracted, only one (1) (Pag-ibig sa Diyos Community: Spiritual Director – Fr. Sal Pico; Presiding Elder – Donald Dee) failed to send their representatives. The Spiritual Directors if the following communities came: Fr. Andy Biller for Light of Jesus; Fr. Larry Faraon for Lord’s Flock; and Fr. Archie Guiriba for DWXI Prayer Partners Foundation. All welcomed the opportunity to regularly meet and exchange developments in our respective communities as well as to become a collective part if the direction in which the guidance of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was taking, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Church Elders. The ten (10) communities who were represented during said meeting were:

  1. DWXI Prayer Partners Foundation, Inc. – Bro. Mike Velarde, Founder and Elder

  2. Ligaya ng Panginoon Community – Bro. Larry Gamboa, Elder

  3. Bukas-Loob sa Diyos Community – Bro. Sonny de lose Reyes, Residing Elder

  4. Light of Jesus – Bro. Bogene Sanchez, Elder

  5. Couples for Christ – Bro. Guinto and Sis. Ima Fernandez, Representing Vic Gutierrez

  6. Buklod ng Pag-ibig – Bro. Toñing Samia, Elder

  7. Biyaya ng Spiritu Santo – Bro. Isauro Fernandez, Head Servant

  8. Buklod ng Pagibig – Bro. Bingbong Crisologo, Founder nd Elder

  9. Lord’s Flock – Sis Techie Rodriguez, Elder

  10. Elim Community – Bro. Willy Nakar, Presiding Elder

The Manila Archdiocesan Secretariat of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Archdiocese of Manila was represented then by its Executive Director, Bro. Joey Serrano.


They agreed to meet again in November, 1988. That meeting actually took place on November 3, 1988 at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Forbes Park, Makati with the Bukas – Loob sa Diyos Community, as host. This meeting focused on a discussion of the common vision that the communities would eventually share, once organized. They resolved to meet with Bishop Bacani at the next meeting scheduled for January, 1989.


The meeting that subsequently took place on January 18, 1989 was hosted by the Ligaya ng Panginoon Community at their center in San Juan, Metro Manila. It was truly historic because the communities, through their founders, presiding elders or authorized elder – representatives, presented Bishop Bacani with a Letter of Intention and Commitment that reads:


Your Excellency:


We the various communities that have grown out of the Charismatic Renewal, wish to dedicate ourselves to the building of strong environments in support of an active life of holiness and service in the Church and in the world (Decree of the apostolate of the Laity. Nr. 6). Whenever and wherever possible we will work together with other Catholic groups and movements to uphold and further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire further to enter into a relationship with one another characterized by love and mutual support.


We wish to dedicate our gifts and resources to the local Church and beyond it and under the direction of the pastors God has placed over it, desire to serve the Church according to the call and mission each individual community has received from the Lord.


In line with this, we will take the steps necessary to form a federation of such communities on the Archdiocese of manila and under the direction of the Archbishop of Manila and other ecclesiastical authorities to exercise supervision over us in order to be  able to cooperate more fully and efficient especially with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, but also with other lay movements for the building of local church.


Respectfully in Christ,

Bro. Isauro Fernandez – Presiding Elder
Biyaya ng Espiritu Santo Community

Bro. Sonny de los Reyes – Head Servant
Bukas loob sa Diyos Community

Bro. Antonio Samia – Elder
Buklod ng Pag-ibig Community

Bro. Mike Velarde – Elder – Founder
El Shaddai – DWXI Prayer Partner

Rev. Fr. Herbert Scheider, S.J. – Ligaya ng Panginoon Community / B C B P

Bro. Wally Nakar – Presiding Elder
Pag-ibig sa Diyos Catholic Community

Bro. Gene Sanchez – Elder
Light of Jesus Community

Sis. Techie Rodriguez – Founder-Elder, Lord’s Flock

Bro. Bingbong Crisologo – Founder-Elder, Loved Flock Community


It was now time to elect a Federation Coordinator. The meeting held on March 29, 1989 at the Peach Blossom Restaurant, Quezon City took up the process by which the Federation Coordinator was going to be chosen or elected. On April 18, 1989 at the then Paco Parish (San Fernando de Dilao) of Bishop Bacani, during a breakfast meeting, Bro. Willy Nakar was elected as Coordinator of the Federation of Transparochial Communities to serve for a term of three (3) years.


In his letter dated January 2, 1992 to Bishop Bacani, Bro Willy informed the former of the expiration of the latter’s term as Coordinator by April 15, 1992, and recommended the holding of an election for the next coordinator. In the same letter, Bro. Willy said,


"In these three years, the member communities have had occasions to relate to one another, serve together and join in common causes from time to time. We are really just beginning to get to know each other. Now more that before the Church realizes not only the existence but the contribution that the transparochial/covenant communities can make in the field of evangelization or re-evangelization as well as in the renewal of the nation.


The good Lord has allowed us to bear fruit in the harvest of souls for Jesus Christ, and then to provide them with the haven of a community where they can find refreshment, strength and spiritual growth in an environment that approximates, in varying Jesus founded – on Pentecost Day (Acts 2:1).


There is still so much potential latent in the communities as a collective part of the Body of Christ. To inspire for a greater unity, commitment and cooperation, especially among the top servant leader are, therefore, goals that we can set out sights on the future."


During the meeting of February 29, 1992, Bro. Sonny de los Reyes, Presiding Elder of Bukas Loob sa Diyos Community-who was also President of the Council of the Laity of the Philippines-was elected Federation Coordinator. After his term, Bro. Sonny was succeeded by Bro. Vic Gutierrez of Ligaya ng Panginoon Community. Presently, the Coordinator for the Federation is Bro. Albert Morales. For the record. it was Bro. Willy’s tenure that term within which a coordinator was to serve, was reduced in two (2) years

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